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Application for Listing in the Referral Directory

of the Coherence Psychology Institute


This referral directory is used by people seeking a practitioner of either Coherence Therapy or other methods that utilize memory reconsolidation.


You are eligible for being listed in this referral directory if you are:


•   a licensed mental health provider and


•   a practitioner of either Coherence Therapy or


•   any other system of psychotherapy or counseling that you use to carry out the Therapeutic Reconsolidation Process, as defined in the book Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation


For example, as a practitioner of EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Emotion-Focused Therapy, AEDP, Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimoter Psychotherapy, Focusing, acupoint tapping, NLP or many other systems, you can be listed in this directory if you have studied the Therapeutic Reconsolidation Process and mindfully aim to fulfill it within the system(s) you use.


To apply for a listing in the directory, please provide your email address in the following field and click the Submit button. You will receive an email with instructions for submitting your information.


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