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Coherence Therapy
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Telephone-based formats allow easy participation from

any location worldwide, and tuition fees are pay-as-you-go.

Enroll in an Individual or Dyad Practicum to hone your skills or

to begin the process of becoming a Certified Coherence Therapist.

Learn about Individual Practicum (CE = 4 hours)
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Work one-on-one with a Certified Trainer to develop your knowledge and skills in Coherence Therapy. All trainees who are relatively new to Coherence Therapy begin with Individual Practicum.

One unit of practicum consists of four 1-hour phone sessions with a Certified Trainer and can be credited toward Certification or taken as a stand-alone training experience. CE credit of 4 hours for USA clinical licensees is optionally available.  

Your sessions with a Certified Trainer will build your proficiency through a fully personalized program. A focus on applying Coherence Therapy methods and concepts effectively with your current clients keeps the training process highly relevant for you and well tuned to your learning needs. We meet you where you are and build your Coherence Therapy proficiency from there.

The prerequisite for participating in Individual Practicum is a studied familiarity with Coherence Therapy methodology through having read either the Practice Manual, the book Depth Oriented Brief Therapy (that was the name of Coherence Therapy before 2005), or a minimum of chapters 3 and 4 in Unlocking the Emotional Brain.

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You can schedule a single Individual Training Session if the four-session Practicum doesn't fit your needs or schedule. For more information, click here.
Develop your Coherence Therapy skills by doing live practice sessions coached by a Certified Trainer. The workings of Coherence Therapy are never clearer than when experienced directly both as therapist delivering it and as client receiving it.
For these 90-minute sessions, two trainees and trainer meet in a conference call. Under the trainer's close coaching, trainees conduct real sessions with each other. Discussion and debriefing after each practice session further consolidate what you have learned. This format has been highly effective in Coherence Therapy training for many years.
Participation is only for mental health professionals or clinical graduate students who are familiar with the whole methodology of Coherence Therapy through reading the Coherence Therapy Practice Manual, or Unlocking the Emotional Brain, or Depth Oriented Brief Therapy, and through having at least several months experience using Coherence Therapy with clients. Dyad Practicum is not an introductory learning experience.

One unit of Dyad Practicum consists of four sessions and can be credited toward Certification or taken as a stand-alone training experience. CE credit of 6 hours for USA clinical licensees is optionally available.

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Your video or audio recording of a session (or clips from multiple sessions) totaling at most 50 minutes, submitted electronically as a media file, and accompanied by a complete transcript text file, is studied by a Certified Trainer who provides detailed feedback in a one-hour phone session on your strengths and areas for growth from a Coherence Therapy perspective.   Request Assessment»

The Coherence Psychology Institute offers Individual and Dyad Practica as well as Assessment of Recorded Sessions for self-paced individual training in Coherence Therapy or as components of the Certification Program.
Certification is based on demonstrated competency and is awarded to trainees who are able to carry out the methodology of Coherence Therapy consistently and effectively, as evaluated by the Institute's training staff.
Each trainee's progress is tracked on an array of component proficiencies following each individual or dyad session and each assessment of recorded session. Certification is achieved when the trainee is evaluated as being consistent in all required proficiencies. Across trainees, the number of training units for arriving at certification proficiency varies widely.

There is a minimum set of training units required before a trainee may apply to be reviewed for Certification, though for most trainees, significantly more training units than this minimum are needed to reach proficiency in all required areas:

        - Two units of Dyad Practicum

        - One Assessment of a Recorded Session

As a rule, before applying for certification, a trainee must have worked with at least two trainers to complete Dyad Practica, Individual Practica, or Assessment of a Recorded Session.
Upon certification, a Certified Practitioner of Coherence Therapy certificate is issued.  To apply for a certification review, click here.