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Coherence Therapy

Training & Certification Program

Level 1 Coherence Therapy Training Certificate



A Level 1 training certificate designates the individual as a "Beginner Practitioner of Coherence Therapy (Level 1: Introductory Training)".

The Level 1 certificate is issued to mental health professionals and clinical graduate students who have completed either of these introductory trainings:

(a) A two-day, in-person Coherence Therapy introductory workshop, consisting of a day of presentation and a day of structured practice exercises in small groups

(b) The online introductory training, consisting of the 6-hour Coherence Therapy and Memory Reconsolidation workshop webinar (with proof of completion submitted as instructed below) and the 3-hour Introductory Dyad Practicum.

How to confirm completion of the 6-hour webinar

Please carry out one of the following two options:

•  Email the CE certificate that you may have obtained for that workshop from R. Cassidy Seminars to

•  Download and complete this 35-question quiz, and email your completed quiz to  You must pass the quiz with a score of 75% or higher.

(Completion of the 3-hour Introductory Dyad Practicum is automatically in our records, so it is not necessary for you to confirm that.)

For information on training beyond Level 1, click here.