Coherence Therapy

The art & science of lasting change

Reports From The Trenches


  "The Coherence Therapy work continues to be amazing. It has actually formed -- 25 years into my practice -- the backbone of my practice. Many people make progress that is just breathtaking." --Patricia Kunstenaar, Ph.D., CA  
  "Without a doubt the most useful set of tools I have learned in all my years of schooling and training and in 22 years of practice....The incredible simplicity and power of this approach has made me a much more effective therapist in a very short period of time....The results are solid and lasting and have earned me a new level of gratitude and respect from the clients I see. I am so amazed by the improved rate of success...." --Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D., IL  
  "Since 1968 I have been through trainings in strategic, narrative and solution-oriented therapy as well as contemporary psychoanalytic psychology (self psychology, Kleinian, etc.)... It is very clear to me that you have created a system that is without equal... You have given me the most exciting framework in which to continue to grow, develop, build on, and stay curious and challenged." --Jesse Tuffman, Ph.D., CA  
  "I've been in practice for over 20 years and I have a very jaundiced eye about new approaches. I've been using DOBT in the three sessions I started off with today--Monday after the workshop. It's been incredibly effective--it's astonishing!" --Lynne Harrison, Ph.D., AZ  
  "Ecker's workshop on Coherence Therapy was the most informative and therapeutically helpful workshop that I have attended in the past 40 years of professional practice." --Merle Jordan, Th.D, LMFT, MA  
  "The most respectful and humane method of brief therapy I've seen. Honors the depth and complexity of human experience." --Gawaine J. Banks, Ph.D., OH  
  "Want to let you know what a lasting impact the training has had on me. The level of my work has taken a dramatic leap." --Grace Manning-Orenstein, Ph.D., LMFT, CA  
  "It was the best seminar I've ever attended. I tried using the concepts and techniques in my work last week, with truly amazing results." --Diana Barich, LCSW, CA  
  "Athletes talk about being in a new or higher zone... Ever since [the workshop six months ago] I feel like the therapy I do has been in a different zone. I am grateful for this change, as are many of my clients..." --Sheldon Eisenberg, Ph.D., OH  
  "I want to say how much I appreciated the workshop last weekend. I am using it already immensely. I very much appreciate the fact that your work can be integrated in any kind of modality....I feel very empowered with your work." --Birgit Volt, LMFT, CA