Coherence Therapy

The art & science of lasting change

Coherence Therapy and Memory Reconsolidation


Memory reconsolidation:  Key to transformational change in psychotherapy
A brief, live presentation to a conference audience of psychotherapists, similar to a TED talk.
20 min

The brain's process of profound change:  A primer on memory reconsolidation for therapists
This short introductory presentation delivers a remarkable amount of instructional material.  It is intended to equip psychotherapists with a basic understanding of how the brain's process of memory reconsolidation operates and how it can be engaged in therapy to produce decisive, liberating change.  A case example vividly shows the real-life use of the concepts.
1 hr 9 min talk
17 min Q&A

Memory reconsolidation may be the long-sought mechanism of change in psychotherapy
This is the memorable presentation given by Bruce Ecker and Alexandre Vaz at the 35th annual conference of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) in Lisbon, Portugal.
1 hr 6 min

Memory reconsolidation: A potent process of lasting change shared across therapies
In this video for the online 37th annual conference of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI), Bruce Ecker and Alexandre Vaz explain how memory reconsolidation can unify the fragmented psychotherapy field and also resolve other major conundrums. con traduzione in italiano
1 hr 24 min

"Virtual lunch" with Bruce Ecker
In conversation with host Michael Kerman, director of Leading Edge Seminars, Bruce shared about how he developed his ideas and life paths, and audience questions evoked much rich material.
1 hr 2 min

The night we met:  Bruce Ecker's memory reconsolidation story
Bruce shares an intimate account of a fateful encounter.
11 min

What's happening at the neural level of memory reconsolidation?
Bruce Ecker, interviewed by Matt Dahlitz and Richard Hill, describes neuroscience research findings on how the memory reconsolidation process operates at the level of neurons and synapses.
8 min

When juxtaposition does not dissolve the target learning
Bruce Ecker, interviewed by Matt Dahlitz and Richard Hill, conveys with remarkable clarity in only 5 minutes the basis of low-self worth and the self-protective inner workings of the implicit emotional learning and memory system.
5 min

Memory reconsolidation in psychotherapy:  Effective unlocking of the emotional brain
Interviewed by Alejandre Vaz for his "Psychotherapy Expert Talks" series
1 hr 43 min

When is insecure attachment the real issue in therapy?
Interviewed by Richard Simon, PhD, editor of Psychotherapy Networker  (2 min excerpt)  (14 min excerpts)  (1 hr 5 min, full interview)

Flash Technique in EMDR:  A mini-webinar on how & why it works
Concepts of emotional learning and memory reconsolidation lead to a surprising analysis of how the Flash Technique rapidly reduces a therapy client's high distress.  Prior familiarity with Flash Technique procedure is assumed.
20 min

Memory reconsolidation
Interviewed by Richard Hill and Matthew Dahlitz for The Science of Psychotherapy Academy
1 hr

Using memory reconsolidation in psychotherapy for deep, lasting change
Interviewed by Richard Hill  (7 min excerpt)  (1 hr 9 min, full interview)

Memory reconsolidation
Interviewed by Francesca Marguerite Maximé for her #WiseGirl series
51 min

Lasting change of limiting patterns:  Why memory reconsolidation matters to business leaders
Interviewed by Suzy Siegle, MBA, J.D., Ed.D., Dean and Associate Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship
in the Haab School of Business, for her series, "Success and the Subconscious Mind"
30 min


Coherence Therapy, Explained
A five-part series

Part 1 - What Is Coherence Therapy?
This video introduces the basic concepts and techniques of Coherence Therapy and brings to life what is uniquely powerful about this approach.  Coherence Therapy draws on the science of memory reconsolidation to update our unconscious beliefs, or schemas, for transformational change—the kind of profound change where symptoms disappear permanently, with no further maintenance efforts required.

Part 2 - What are Schemas?
When we update schemas using memory reconsolidation, it is possible to achieve transformational change.  That is why understanding schemas is so critical to helping our clients.  This is the goal of Coherence Therapy, although it can be achieved through many different experiential therapies.

Part 3 - Bruce Ecker interview
Bruce Ecker shares the story of Coherence Therapy and how they found the conditions that are required in order to achieve transformational change.  He describes what counteractive therapy is and how Coherence Therapy is a fundamentally non-counteractive and non-interpretive process of therapy.

Part 4 - A Coherence Therapy Session
This video closely examines a Coherence Therapy session for a woman's eating disorder and focuses primarily on the discovery phase of revealing the schema that underlies her eating behavior.  This sets up the next session's process of memory reconsolidation.

Part 5 - Memory Reconsolidation: A Unified Framework for Experiential Therapy
Bruce Ecker, interviewed by Tori Olds, describes how the process of memory reconsolidation can serve as a unifying framework for the very fragmented field of psychotherapy.  By understanding how the brain actually unlearns its original "emotional learnings," therapists more consistently achieve transformational change using their favored system and more seamlessly utilize techniques from other modalities to facilitate this core process of profound change.


Coherence Therapy Introduction
Part 1:  19 min
Part 2:  11 min
Part 3:  21 min
Part 4:  31 min


The life-changing science of memory reconsolidation
Therapist Uncensored website
Bruce Ecker & Tori Olds interviewed by Sue Marriott
1 hr

Feeling What We Remember: How Understanding Memory Reconsolidation Enhances EMDR Effectiveness
Bruce Ecker interviewed in the Notice That podcast series
1 hr 31 min

Coherence Therapy
Bruce Ecker interviewed by Dr. David Van Nuys
50 min

Unlocking The Emotional Brain: Memory Reconsolidation and Coherence Therapy
Interviewed by Dr. David Van Nuys, Shrink Rap Radio
1 hr 12 min

Transformational change and memory reconsolidation
Interviewed by Serge Prengel
50 min