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Nov 5-6, 2022   •   Saturday-Sunday

13th Annual Two-Day Intermediate Training


with  Sara K. Bridges, PhD  and  Bruce Ecker, MA, LMFT
Directors, Coherence Psychology Institute
Paul Sibson, UKCP Registered, CPI Certified Trainer

Are you seeking to advance your Coherence Therapy skills together with colleagues who share your commitment to doing deep, decisively effective work?  In this weekend intensive you will receive coaching tailored exactly to your individual learning curve.  Each day of the workshop begins with a live demonstration by one of the instructors.  Then, participants work in small groups in Zoom breakout rooms, doing real sessions on personal issues and taking turns as therapist, as trainers sit in to provide real-time coaching that meets you at your skill level.

Each practice session is followed by a debriefing of the experience that addresses any and all aspects of Coherence Therapy, before starting a new session.  It's an action learning intensive that will attune your left brain, right brain and subcortical brain for facilitating the natural process of memory reconsolidation that dissolves ingrained emotional patterns formed long ago.

In addition, experiencing Coherence Therapy as the client provides invaluable first-hand knowledge of the process.  Everything you learn in this workshop will be useful immediately in your own sessions on Monday. 

We will meet online again this year due to the ongoing uncertainty of how the COVID-19 pandemic will evolve.  We'll use Zoom's breakout rooms for the small group practice sessions—into which the trainers will go to provide the close personal coaching that this workshop is well known for.

The Hidden Depths
of Procrastination

Videos of four cases of Coherence Therapy for procrastination (for full details, click here), regular price US$95.

Coherence Therapy for
Post-Traumatic Symptoms

This 75-minute presentation is Bruce Ecker's contribution to the 2022 Trauma Summit in Belfast, Northern Ireland, titled "Trauma Creates Emotional Learnings That Are Unlearned and Depotentiated Through Memory Reconsolidation" and illustrated by two cases of Coherence Therapy. (For further details, click here and select Hall 1).  Regular price US$45.

Complete set of seven
CT Clinical Notes

For descriptions, click here.  Regular price US$74.
Prerequisites for participating in this workshop:

Participation is only for licensed therapists and counselors (or students in accredited graduate training programs) who are already familiar with the entire methodology of Coherence Therapy by (a) having at least several months experience using Coherence Therapy with clients and (b) having studied either the Coherence Therapy Practice Manual, or Unlocking the Emotional Brain, or Depth Oriented Brief Therapy.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is not an introductory workshop.
The quality of participants' learning experiences depends upon all participants being beyond an introductory level.  If you have any uncertainty about qualifying, please check by email with the Institute's director of training:

Technical preparedness: Zoom and Zoom skills
Use of Zoom on your online device is required, with familiarity in using some of Zoom's functions, including the self-mute button and switching between "gallery view" and "speaker view" (both obvious in the Zoom window).  Using ear buds with mic will nicely enhance your sense of being ensconced with the group and your ability to hear softened voices during therapy sessions.


Workshop times
7 AM to 1:30 PM California
10 AM to 4:30 PM New York City
15:00 to 21:30 London
16:00 to 22:30 Rome
Tuition fees
Early bird: US$345 (until Oct 5)
Regular: US$375 (after Early Bird expires)
Group of 3 or more: US$325 per person
Student/Intern: US$225 (documentation required)
Cancellation fee: US$50 (full refund minus that amount)
The number of participants is limited.
Last year's training filled in a few days, so registering very soon after registration opens may be necessary for attending this training.

Unfortunately, very recent developments with our CE provider have delayed the ability to assure CE credit availability at the time of registering for the workshop.  We apologize for this late change and will make all efforts for CE credit to be provided, but cannot guarantee CE at this time.  Therefore, register in this workshop only if not eventually receiving CE credit is workable for you.

To add your name to the waiting list in case openings develop, send an email titled "Nov waiting list" to

Workshop presented by the Coherence Psychology Institute, LLC